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Web-Based Sweepstakes

Every sweepstakes product requires three components.

The Client System: This is the “game terminal”. It is where the customers play games. Businesses can have from one to several hundred client terminals.

The Game Server: This special computer is “the brain” of the operation. It determines the results of all the sweepstakes and “talks to” each of the client systems to display results (who wins and who loses). The server also maintains the database that contains the finite prize pool information.

The Point of Sale (POS): This special computer allows business owners and employees to interact with the server. The POS is used to create customer accounts, to add “entries” to customer accounts, to determine which customers have won prizes, and to do reporting (such as “how much money did we make yesterday?”)

There are currently two models for deploying these three components in a promotional sweepstakes environment. One is a Client-Server model, and the other is a Web-Based solution. At CCI we offer both solutions and each has its advantages.


The Client-Server model requires that the sweepstakes software be physically installed on each Client System (game terminal). This option also requires that the Game Server and the POS be physically located onsite, within the same facility as all the Client Systems. In simple terms, this means that a business with a sweepstakes promotion that is Client-Server based needs an onsite server, an onsite POS (these might be combined into a single computer), and software installed on each Client System. This system is not fully dependent on an internet connection as is the web-based system and is not vulnerable to internet outages or bandwidth issues.


The Web-Based solution pushes nearly everything to “the cloud” (the Internet). It still requires a Game Server, but that server isn’t physically located in your business, but somewhere offsite. This is how eBay, Google, and Amazon run their businesses. Their servers are tucked away in high-tech, air-conditioned, super secure locations (called colocation center) and are being carefully monitored by a team of technicians. Generally there are a handful of different colocation facilities, all with extremely fast Internet connections and back-up power generators. Since these locations are geographically spread out, even if one of the facilities catches on fire or gets hit by an earthquake or any other disaster, the other colocation facilities will immediately step in and share the extra load. This guarantees a very reliable system that almost never “goes down” or has service outages or interruptions. With this model, Client Systems access the Internet, but the actual game application doesn’t need to be installed on each system. The Game Server is offsite, and the POS simply accesses information via the Internet.


Both the Web-Based sweepstakes solution and the Client-Server model create a unique, finite pool for each location (or store). It would not make sense to have numerous locations playing from the same prize pool because some locations might pay out high while others are paying out low. No worries–whether the solution is Web-Based or the or the Client-Server model, both create a unique prize pool for each store.




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