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Pay Commander

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Our Pay Commander Kiosks are truly one of a kind. They offer:

  • ATM Services
  • Check Cashing
  • Bill Payment Services 
  • Personalized Debit/Credit Card Issuance
  • Money Order services
  • Virtual Checking Accounts


Our ATM option is tough and attractive and built into one seamless unit, not cobbled together like some of our competitors. Customers can withdraw cash in any amount up to their limit. While other ATMs may only dispense $20 bills, ours dispense combinations from $1 to $100 allowing for any amount to be dispensed.


Our Check Cashing option eliminates the need for you to hold large amounts of cash on hand, reduces employee cost and eliminates employee theft.

Customers have the choice of receiving cash or a debit/credit card attached to a virtual checking account. The virtual checking account alone is an amazing service, offering; low cost transfers, bill payment. The customer can even print a check from any printer which may be given as payment or deposited into any bank in person or over a smart phone.


We have over 10,000 Bill Payment Vendors signed up and the list is growing every day.

No need to do anything. New Bill Payment vendors are added automatically.


Every time your customer uses the card you earn income. You may want to give away the check cashing for free if they chose payment on the card. Payment on the card reduces the cash required in the kiosk and adds ancillary income through exchange fees. It also creates loyalty and repeat visits by your customer as they cash their checks to add funds to their virtual checking account.


Money orders are purchased and issued through the machine up to $500. No more trying to track and control money orders as it is all handled safely within the kiosk.


According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) nearly one-third of the U.S. population—106 million people—are either under-banked or unbanked. That means they don’t have bank accounts or regularly make non-bank financial transactions. One in five households has zero or negative assets.  25 million have no credit score which makes them invisible to the mainstream U.S. financial system.  In addition to serving these people we offer promotions through the kiosks targeting this demographic and you earn if they participate. We offer rewards including free or low cost phone and fax service, and you can incentivize them by offering discounts and rewards in your business.


You have the option of displaying streaming advertising and static ads on the second screen. Advertise specials and promotions for your business at little or no cost.


No need to supply the cash or empty or fill the machine. That is handled by a bonded and secured armored car service. You buy or lease the machine, supply a spot in your business and sit back while it earns money.


Depending on the kiosk configuration and location a Pay Commander kiosk may earn $2,000 to $10,000 or more per month. Typically they start out slow and build momentum. We will help you promote the kiosk and its services, bringing new customers to your business and increasing repeat customers. And 

When a customer cashes a check they have money to spend at your location.


We offer leases as low as $10 per day to qualified customers. 


Once you deploy one of our kiosks and upon approval, you are eligible to resell our kiosks and earn not only placement fees and commissions, but a healthy residual income as well. Call for a quote at 954-889-7600.


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