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Pay Commander

For more information, please visit: UNIQUE Our Pay Commander Kiosks are truly one of a kind. They offer: ATM Services Check Cashing Bill Payment Services  Personalized Debit/Credit Card Issuance Money Order services Virtual Checking Accounts ATM Our ATM option is tough and attractive and built into one seamless unit, not cobbled together like some of our competitors. Customers can withdraw cash in any amount up to their limit. While other ATMs may only dispense $20 bills, ours dispense combinations from $1 to $100 allowing for any amount to be dispensed. CHECK CASHING Our Check Cashing option eliminates the need..  - Read More

Finite System Explained

A question that frequently arises is “what, exactly, is a finite system” or “what’s the difference between a finite system and games of chance?” A true sweepstakes system is “fixed” or “finite”. When we say FIXED we don’t mean that it’s RIGGED. We mean that before the contest or sweepstakes even starts, we know with a 100% certainty what the outcome will be. We know exactly how many entries there will be, how many winners there will be, and how much each will win. We do NOT know WHO will win. This also applies to computer sweepstakes games in our..  - Read More

How to start a internet sweepstakes business?

IT'S EASY... CCI offers an unprecidented business opporuntiy to distributors, vendors, Internet Cafes, Business Centers and Cyber Cafes by offering products that successfully promote and enhance their existing business or to start a new one! We offer software for online casinos, sweepstakes software, greyhound and horse racing software, as well as software development services for the gaming industry. We provide cabinets, computers, touch screen monitors, bill acceptors, card readers, receipt printers, Point of Sale, Servers and POS software systems all at a reasonable cost. Turn around time for a café room conversion is a few hours. We stock cabinets and..  - Read More

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