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Benthal Storehouse Coin Pusher

by Manufacturer
Price $18,500.00
6 Players Coin Pusher
How to play:
The green Indicator, the red Indicator and the Bonus Output Indicator turn off when it is in attraction state, It plays demo music every 10 seconds (SW1 #8 bit is ON). When a coin is Inserted, the system will enter into play state.
The green Indicator turn on when a coin is Inserted, The Coin Door opens and the game starts.
When the quantity of inserted coins reachs the bonus output requirements, the Bonus (Plastic coins) outputs, then the bonus output Indicator turns on.
After 5 secondes after inserting a coin, the green Indicator turns off and the Coin Door closes, game over
If the player keep inserting coins, the time will count by the last one.
When E3 or E5 occurs, all coins doors close, all Bonus Output Stop, all green indicators and all bonus Indicators off and all red Indicators (Used as alarms) turn on. Others alarms except for E3 and E6 will effect a certain part where it occurs E3 and E5.



  • Dimensions: 2050×1900×1650MM
  • Net weight: 450KG
  • Power: 160W
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Players: 6 players

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