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Future World Coin Pusher

by Manufacturer
Price $13,150.00


  • 6 player coin pusher.
  • JP score number will increase with coins accumulating .(Remark: Each side coins insert will make JP increasing, all the JP scores increasing are synchro)
  • When coins punch the roll wheel switch,the corresponding LED light. If the opposite mode was set, the LED will be off when punch the switch again. 
  • All the 3 roll wheels will run when 3 LED light at  the same time.
  • When 3 pictures in the roll wheel are same when stop running, it will get the same score as per picture. (All the 3 pictures are KMG, it will get JP)
  • Remark: 6 side JP getting rate will be counted together. Other pictures bonus getting rate will be counted separately, that means one side coins insert more and the not JP 3 same pictures will get more bonus. And the JP was counted basic on the 6 sides coins inserting, it is stochastic.  
  • Coin and hooper bonus meters were controlled by mainmachine, It need get the coummunication from that 6 submachines, so the meter output are different but make sure amount NO is same.


    • Dimensions: L2010*W1920*H2190mm
    • Net Weight: 800KGs
    • Power: 650W

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