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No Chance Games

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No Chance Games® - Suite I Game Kit
This game kit includes three game titles, Spooky’s Loot©, Kitty Kash©, and Lucky Lollipop©, and all 3 games are finite based. Finite based software means that the element of chance has been removed.
Each game has a pre-reveal option where the user may view each and every outcome which may entitle him or her to win a prize, in the order in which it will occur. While on one of the game screens, the user may simply touch the “View Prizes” button on the game console and view each and every prize outcome. The prize outcomes are displayed in the order in which they will occur at the user’s current play level and balance. To view the prize outcomes for a different game or different play level, the user may simply go to the desired game and play level and touch the “View Prizes” button.
At any time, the user may simply touch the “Cash Out” button to print a voucher with which to redeem the balance. The user never has to spend money to see all of the available prizes.
In all three games, game chance has absolutely no role in any possible outcome. Each and every prize to be awarded is predetermined and placed in the list of prizes before the software is loaded into the machine. Since the user may view the entire list of prize outcomes that will occur at their balance, in the order in which they will occur, every outcome which may entitle the user to a prize is entirely predictable by the user.
This game does NOT plug into a standard game harness but the kit includes everything you need to install this new game into any game cabinet that has a VGA Touchscreen monitor. Some parts from the existing game machine need to be used still, including some of the wiring harness. The kit comes with a complete installation guide to help with your installation.
There are no licensing or reload fees beyond the initial purchase price.
3 in 1 Game Kit, All 3 Games are 25 Lines
Entertaining, Attention Grabbing, Animated Graphics

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