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What are Sweepstakes?

Many are so enticed by sweepstakes & the chance to win—they enjoy the process more than the product… Participating in sweepstakes is FUN! Technically participating in sweepstakes contests are not considered gambling… although many customers frequently experience a similar thrill as they try to win cash or prizes. Our Casino Style Games add to the fun.

  • One of the most popular, engaging marketing techniques used to promote products, spark customer’s interest & keep them coming back for more.
  • Companies spend over $3 billion annually on sweepstakes business promotions.
  • There are hundreds of kinds of sweepstakes, most offer a chance to win something.
  •  This shot at winning encourages customers to buy more.


Sweepstakes are all over the U.S. Odds are you see them everyday, yet may not recognize them. One of the most popular examples is the McDonald’s Monopoly (over 5 million prizes were awarded). AT&T sweepstakes recently generated over 4 million entries & 70,000 new Internet subscribers. General Electric ran a sweepstakes promotion that offered a free family vacation to Walt Disney World


The constant changes in the computer industry are exciting! However, these changes bring risk. In fact, the most common mistake our clients make before contacting us is to underestimate the scope of the project, especially the technical elements.

Let us help you avoid these mistakes; choose the right software, equipment, facility layout, and more…

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