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Sweepstakes gaming has taken off internationally!

Cafes and Cyber Centers are relatively new to US markets and becoming increasingly popular. The unique approach of our certified sweepstakes games are a highly successful marketing tool. Our Business Centers are standalone money makers and the games serve to enhance their profitability.


  1. More Software Development Experience Than Any Other Sweepstakes Gaming Competitor
  2. We Have Past Experience in Owning Stores
  3. We'll Give You Comprehensive Guidance In Starting Your Own Store or Converting Your Existing Location
  4. 24/7 Tech and Customer Support
  5. No Download Fees
  6. 100+ Games With New Games Added Monthly
  7. 3D Technology With Stunning Graphics
  8. Custom Internet Kiosks Built To Your Specifications
  9. Bonus Games and Jackpots With BIG Winners Daily
  10. Whether You Want One Terminal Or One Hundred We Are Here For You To Make Your Business A Success

Touch Screen Kiosk with Web Based Sweepstakes Software
Our Fatboy Touchscreen Kiosk
with Web Based Sweepstakes Software

Beat the competition, do it now, and do it right, to maximize your income potential!

  • Rapid Return on Investment
  • Rapid Growth in a New and Dynamic Industry
  • Opportunity to Realize Fast Returns in a Slow Recovery Economy
  • Recession-Proof Industry
  • Real-time access to Statistical Data on Performance
  • Earning Revenue Almost Immediately
  • Turnkey Opportunity
  • We do it all!

Make Money!

Gaming is a highly sought after business and combined with a quality Sweepstakes game, it is an extremely popular and exciting form of marketing promotion for your business. Cyber Centers International Inc. has leveraged this marketing tool into a highly successful business model. We've developed a unique hassle free tool to enhance legality and promote ease of operation. It is called the Smartie Points Reward Card


Each Cyber Centers International Inc. Internet Cyber Center and Café facility’s earning potential is unique, however, generally speaking they tend to have similar formulas for earning and profitability based on multiple examples of thousands of cafes and kiosks deployed. The average profitability is based upon the number of units installed and the location. Your demographics and marketing will impact your earnings. Based on national averages a typical kiosk will earn enough to pay off the kiosk within a very short period of time.

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